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داکتر بلید buy in ساری on زبان_فارسی
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ايران, ساری
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Doctors Doctors are used for cleaning of rolls and cylinders in paper machines. They are usually supplied with blade holders BONETTI, designed for blades 75 mm wide. The blades widths are not apply to holders intended for creping doctors of drying and glazing cylinders where there are holders installed with special design for more frequent replacements of blades. In addition to standard blade holders, type BON FIRM K 35 A, doctors are installed in some PM places also together with highly flexible holders, type MAXIFLEX or BONFIFLEX. Optionally Design ~. Every doctor is designed only for a special application and PM modification and therefore it is not possible to displace it from one position in the other due to changed structural criteria of the given doctor beam. To improve their scraping efficiency these doctors can be equipped with oscillating equipment. Their shifting is provided by an electric geared motor. Doctor consists of welded consoles mounted in a relevant pla¬ce of the paper machine. On these consoles there is a beam fitted with bearing housings that allow free pivoting of beam and in case of swinging doctors also its axial displacement of 19 mm at least. On beam there is an own blade holder in which a doctor blade is fixed. Blade beam can be equipped with a wide assortment of bearings that differ from each other in design according to type and size of doctor. Material For PM wet part: All parts, except of beam, are made of stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4435. Doctor beam is made of structural steel St 37 and coated with stainless plates, or it can be made only of stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4435. In case of electromechanical oscillation iselectric motorprovided with rate of protection IP55 and corrosion prevention K5 1. For PM dry part: All parts are made of structural steel St 37 protected with coating. Jointing elements are supplied with anticorrosive coating (usually zinc plating). In case of the electromechanical oscillation for PM drying part is electric motor provided with rate of protection IP 54, with thermal protection H and motor winding protection against moisture and acid vapours

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داکتر بلید
داکتر بلید
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