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Washing complex MK 30 000 "Desnyanka" up to 30 tons / hour – Ponar, OOO |
Buy Washing complex MK 30 000 "Desnyanka" up to 30 tons / hour
Washing complex MK 30 000 "Desnyanka" up to 30 tons / hour

Washing complex MK 30 000 "Desnyanka" up to 30 tons / hour

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Russia, Brjansk
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandПонар
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The washing machine is designed for washing potatoes, carrots and similar vegetables. It is used in lines for the pre - sale preparation of vegetables, as well as an independent washing unit. The operation of the machine is based on washing the product in a rotating drum immersed in water. There are guides inside the drum, which, when the latter rotates, help to move the product along the drum to the unloading conveyor. Also, the guides inside the drum continuously mix the product, thereby facilitating the active interaction of root crops with each other, ensuring the cleaning of the product due to friction. The residence time of the product inside the drum is regulated by a flap at the outlet from the drum. On the unloading conveyor, there are washing nozzles for flushing contaminated water from the product before further use.

Soil and other contaminants are removed from the drum continuously while the machine is running. This is ensured by the operation of the auger located in the lower part of the water tank, which moves the soil settling to the bottom to the cesspool scraper conveyor. The latter ensures the removal of contaminants from the machine. This ensures that the machine operates without the need to periodically drain the water from the tank to remove soil sediment. This makes it possible to use the machine with less water consumption, and also greatly simplifies the sewage system necessary for the operation of the machine. The water from the tank is drained at the end of the machine operation, and also as needed, depending on the degree of contamination of the product.

Состав: система выгрузки осадка, омывающие форсунки внутри барабана, омывающие форсунки на выгрузном транспортере, устройство гашения скорости продукта на выгрузном лотке.


Параметр Значение
Производительность, т/час, до 30
Барабан, длина/диаметр, мм 3000/1260
Частота вращения барабана, об/мин, до 20
Транспортер выгрузки продукта, ширина, мм 900
Высота выгрузки продукта, мм 1100…1300
Загрузочный лоток продукта, длина х ширина, мм 800 х 800
Высота загрузки продукта, мм 1700
Потребляемая мощность максимальная, кВт 4,8
Объем бака максимальный, м куб 4,3
Габаритные размеры, мм
длина 5960
ширина 2460
высота 2480
Масса, кг 1780

Условия оплаты: 50 % предоплаты, после изготовления заказа остальные 50 % .

Доставка: транспортной компанией, не входит в стоимость заказа.


  • Моечные машины и комплексы для овощей и корнеплодов
  • Оборудование для сушки овощей
  • Ленточные транспортеры
  • Шнековые и ленточные нестандартные транспортеры
  • Подкатные тележки и прицепы
  • Фронтальные опрокидыватели и ковши


  • Конструкторское бюро
  • Металообработка
  • Tокарная обработка
  • Фрезерная обработка
  • Плазменная резка металла
  • Сварка
  • Порошковая покраска

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Washing complex MK 30 000 "Desnyanka" up to 30 tons / hour
Washing complex MK 30 000 "Desnyanka" up to 30 tons / hour
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