تخم مرغ تازه buy in   كرج on زبان_فارسی
    تخم مرغ تازه buy in   كرج on زبان_فارسی
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    تخم مرغ تازه buy in   كرج on زبان_فارسی
    به اشتراک گذشتن   ID: 5364:16195

    fresh chicken egg white and brown size : 40g-50g-60g-65g-70g
    per carton (30 eggs*1 tray >> 12trays=1 carton) =$4.8 - $7

    Carton including 12 trays, 360 eggs, each tray includes 30 eggs. Size of carton: 64x34x36 cm. Size of tray: 31.5x31.5 cm. Weight of carton: 22- 25 kg . Weight of tray: 1.8- 2 kg .

    Chicken eggs shall be grouped into two based on the color of shell. Each group shall be described as follows:

    1. Whites - All eggs must be of the standard chalky white tolerating the very light cream tints.
    2. Browns - All eggs must be apparently brown including the dark cream tints and any variation in the shade of brown eggshell.

    Each group shall be spanided into seven Classes Based on Weight (grams per egg) of each egg in group. Its different from US weight classes.

    Jumbo = 70 and up
    Extra large = 65-70
    Large = 60-65
    Medium = 55-60
    Small = 50-55
    Pullets = 45-50
    Pewee = 40-45

    Price: $4.8-$7

    MOQ : 20ft container

    Delivery Time: Within 2-3 weeks

    Packing Details: On Request

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